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Graphic Design

Logos, branding, menus, catalogs and much more!
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Web Design

Wordpress solutions, HTML, CSS, Javascript and beyond!
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Mobile Apps

Mobile applications powered by IOS and Android!
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Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services technologies for any backend cloud solution!

Graphic Design

Logos, branding, menus, catalogs and much more!
Dan Novak - Owner & Lead Designer
Lead Graphic Designer

Nothing brings attention to your business like good branding. Without it, you can look bland and fail to stick out amongst the competition. Our job at K&D is to make sure that doesn’t happen! We look at your business model, mission and ideas to determine the right design for you.

Company logos and branding

Whether you’re creating a new company or looking to re-brand, we have the tools to make you stand out!

Menus and flyers

Food and beverage menus, in-house advertising and more. We can help your marketing game by adding some flavor!

Business cards and more

Have something else in mind that includes graphic design? Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Web Design

Wordpress solutions, HTML, CSS, Javascript and beyond!
Kyle Cermak - Owner & Lead Developer
Lead Developer and Project Manager

Offering a wide variety of solutions is what we strive for at K&D. Web solutions are no different. Whether its WordPress or built from scratch, we have the one for you.

Sometimes its not a new website clients need, which is ok too. We can also make desired changes to a site or transfer services like domains and hosting.

Wordpress solutions

Wordpress powers about 35% of the internet to date with good reason. It is arguably one of most simplified ways to get a website up and running.

Hardcoded solutions

If WordPress isn’t something you are looking for we can build it all from scratch with skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. This option, more often than not, is a much longer race to the finish but the end result is always worth the wait!

Wireframing and layouts

Web design doesn’t begin with just throwing a site together. It begins with architecture drawings called wireframes. These drawings allow both the developer and the client to see a general layout of content usually to be approved before actual development begins!

Hosting, domains and SSL

As with any web solution, you will also need a domain, hosting and preferably a SSL certificate. Even if you need to move some existing services and not create them, we can help!

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications powered by IOS and Android!

In this day of age there is no better way to get closer to your clients than a mobile application. Think about your company logo appearing on their smart phone every single time they press the unlock button. No commercial, advertisement or mailed coupons can get you that kind of publicity.

At K&D we specialize in these types of things. We make mobile apps for both IOS and Android. Not only that, but we offer full stack development which includes all cloud based technologies for a fully functional, modern and reliable service!

IOS applications

Being a member of the the Apple developer program allows us to publish IOS apps and run beta testing with internal and external testing capabilities. On top of that, we only build with the newest versions of Swift to future proof our IOS apps!

Android applications

Our team can test and publish not only IOS apps but Android apps too. This allows us to cover the two largest mobile platforms available.

Full stack development

Mobile apps consist of more than just a front end user experience. There needs to be data storage options, features, an available service and much more. You’re in luck because we at K&D can build it all from the ground up!

Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services technologies for any backend cloud solution!
Christian Nelson - Lead Engineer
Lead Software Engineer

Our specialty revolves around cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services. Resource storage, API Gateway, Lambda functions, cloud servers and more help us create what is called a RESTful service. These services are what power the backend of modern mobile applications and IT solutions. We build, maintain and future proof these solutions for our clients so they don’t have to!

Reduce IT costs

Cloud based technology is built on the premise that you pay for only what you use at a very low cost. For example, some functions performed within the cloud can cost as little as 1/10th of penny each time they are used. This idea helps spread out costs compared to other hybrid or on-premise solutions.


Scalability is arguably just as important. For instance, your service can be built to throttle up resources during busy daytime peak hours to ensure a fast and reliable service. At night your service can do the opposite, throttling down resources when less traffic occurs will help reduce costs even further!

Fault tolerance

Fault tolerance is an important concept in the cloud. One of our main goals in to build your service or solution so that one error cannot bring down the whole system. If one link in the chain fails another link will pick up the slack! This helps guarantee great uptime and less potential revenue loses due to system failures.


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